What Is the Best Treatment for Fear of Flying?

For some people, getting on a plane is an exciting adventure, but for many more people, it is something that they really don’t like, or they might even dread. But, if you are one of those folks who absolutely go out of their way to avoid flying at all costs, then you might find yourself looking for the best treatment for fear of flying. Finding a treatment that works for you can really change your life and make travelling a whole lot more enjoyable.

Why Do People Get Fear of Flying?

There is certainly something very unnatural about getting in a giant cylinder of metal and hurtling through the atmosphere at a high rate of speed, so there is no question that we all have a good number of reasons for being frightened. But, when you look at the statistics, you will see that flying in a plane is a lot safer than driving in a car, even if you do get the feeling that you are out of control and have no way of escaping.

In fact, the primary reason why people search for the best treatment for the fear of flying is because of the lack of control that they have in a plane. When you are driving in a car, you know that at any time, you could pull over, and get out of the car. In other words, you are completely in charge. In a plane, once you set foot onboard, you are out of control. There is nothing that you can do once the door is closed that won’t have you thrown in jail!

So, while you might think that it is your fear of being in a plane, way up high, it is really more of a control issue as well as the fact that you may also feel trapped (which you are!).

What Is the Best Treatment for Fear of Flying?

The simplest and most obvious short-term treatment for fear of flying is to self-medicate, but it is not generally advisable. This means that you have a drink or two once you get on the flight, or you take some type of anti-anxiety product before you get onboard. The problem with self-medication is that it doesn’t always work and it may wear off during the flight. Also, this type of treatment gives you a false sense of security, and you could find yourself with a much bigger fear of flying in the long run.

Ideally, you should learn how to deal with the various aspects that the fear of flying represents, including the fear of heights, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of lack of control, and more. When you are able to break down your fear into its components, you will then be able to treat them individually.

How Can You Get Treatment?

There are several methods that claim to be the best treatments for fear of flying, including some books, some hypnosis treatments, and even such alternative medicines as acupuncture or massage. These all tend to help you turn your focus inward and be more sensible about the situation that you are in. They also show you that even though someone else is flying the plane, the truth is that you are in good hands and that your fears are not reasonable.

In addition, there are some support groups that specialize in helping people to get over their fear of flying, and by talking about your fears with other people, you might find that not only are you not as bad as you thought, but when you hear your own fears coming out of someone else’s mouth, they don’t sound so scary after all.

Finally, one of the best treatments for the fear of flying has always been to take flying lessons. Many people have found that once they fully understand just why a plane flies and why it is safer than any other means of transportation, they have a lot fewer worries when they get on their next flight. Obviously, none of these treatments will help you if you are flying today or tomorrow, but over time, they can help you to overcome your fears and start to enjoy travel just a little bit more.

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