Tips for Developing Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is something that most of us are born with but as we grow older, it tends to be drilled out of us. This might be because your parents didn’t want you to get too “big headed” or because you had siblings who just liked to pick on you and you started to believe the bad things that they said. Either way, we all have situations where our own self confidence takes a hit, so it is a good idea to always be on the lookout for tips for developing your self confidence.

The first thing to remember is that you are who you are and only you have the ability to change that. No matter what people say to you, even the harshest bullies, they can’t change the core of who you are. It is therefore up to you to mentally stand up to the constant threats that are around you and be ready to always tell yourself that you are indeed a good and valuable person.

Here are a few tips for developing your self confidence that you can always keep in the back of your mind for when you are feeling a little down on yourself:

  1. Be grateful. Before you go to bed at night, make a mental list of ten things that you are grateful for, even if they are as simple as having a roof over your head or a pair of feet to walk on. No matter how lacking in self confidence you are or how rough you think your life is, there will always be plenty of people worse off than you. By being grateful, you will also find that you attract more to be grateful for.
  2. Compliment others. If you are walking around in the doldrums, other people see this and they will naturally shy away from you. But, if you can start to compliment those around you, even people you only come in contact with for a second or two during the day, you will start to notice that those compliments are returned. Telling the girl at the grocery store that you like her nails might not mean much to you, but it could very well make her day. Knowing that you have that kind of power can do wonderful things for boosting your own self confidence.
  3. Exercise. It goes without saying that exercising makes you feel better, no matter how miserable you feel when you are doing it. Everyone “hates” to go to the gym, but when you see them leaving the gym, they are happy, chatty, and energized. The endorphins that are released in your body can do a lot to boost your happiness and that will boost your self confidence, too.
  4. Make a Plan. This is where a lot of people have problems, but it is one of the most common behaviors of “highly effective” or successful people. Each night, before you go to bed, make a list of ten things that you will do the next day. It doesn’t matter if one of them is empty the dishwasher or another is call your mom – the simple act of making a plan and following through is important. Once you are regularly able to follow through on your daily plans, you can make bigger plans, such as for the week or the month, and eventually you can look longer term at the things that you really want out of life.
  5. Follow the Examples of Other People. In order to learn how to be a self confident person, one of the easiest things to do is look for tips for developing your self confidence from people you know and admire. More often than not, you will find that they have a few things in common, such as their posture, their ability to look people in the eye when they are talking to them, and their ability to listen effectively. If you know these people well enough, ask them about their confidence, where they think they got it from, and what they do to keep it boosted. You might be surprised to find out that they feel they are as lacking in confidence as you are.

What you have to remember is that developing your self confidence, will come down to building a skill-set that will require a bit of effort and practice on your part. In the article Top 24 Tips for Making Your Self Confidence Soar, Henrik Edberg says…

“Improve your social skills. Relationships is one of the most important areas of life and I’d say that improving your social skills is one of the top things people want to learn. Improving your results in this area and finding a larger confidence in your social skill-set can be a really big boost for your overall sense of confidence.” Read more … Top 24 Tips for Making Your Self Confidence Soar.

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In general, you can find a wide variety of tips for developing your self confidence in books and online, and if one tip doesn’t work for you, simply move on to another. By identifying this as a character aspect that you would like to change, you will be well on your way to making the change already.

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