The Sedona Method Review: Is It Just Hype?

By Andrew Johnson

Sedona Method Course
This Sedona Method Review stems from my first experience with the course over 6 years ago. If you haven’t read anything before about the Sedona Method, this program is put out by Hale Dwoskin of Sedona Training Associates to help people achieve greater happiness, peace, success and well-being. This is achieved by “letting go” or releasing limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be holding you back from the success that you deserve.

The Sedona Method was actually discovered by Lester Levenson in 1952, when ill-health and unhappiness finally spurred him on to turn his life around. His doctors had sent him home to die but within 3 months of discovering his new releasing technique, Lester was completely healthy and at total peace with himself and the world.

After teaching many people the method over a 20 year period, he decided to formalize the Sedona Method into a structured program in 1973. Lester passed away in 1994, but Hale Dwoskin took over the company and was able to bring the program to many thousands of people, especially with the advent of the internet.

My story

As I stated above, this Sedona Method Review started 6 years ago when I was first introduced to it. I was already well and truly into meditation on the Holosync Program when Bill Harris sent an email recommending the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method actually compliments meditation very well, because it allows you to release any negative emotions that come up through meditating.

I still use the Sedona Method even to this day, although not as much as I did in the beginning. I find the beauty of this technique is that it is so simple and the results are faster than other methods of self help. I mainly use it now to reinforce and further increase the progress that I have made over the past 6 years.


One of the big pluses with this program is the 180 day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with it. But keep in mind that this program started formally in 1973 and was around for over 20 years before that… so that’s almost 60 years total in action. That’s a great track record for any course, let alone such a tough market as personal development. It has the “runs on the board”, so to speak.

The course is packaged with 20 audio CDs and a 198 page workbook, allowing you to listen over and over to the recordings to absorb the material. And the workbook gets you to apply the material you learn and really EXPERIENCE to get the results.


At $298, the Sedona Method Course may be out of reach for some people. Just keep in mind that the results that you will get from this program far outweigh the price. And again, if it doesn’t bring you the results you hoped for, you can return it for a full refund. Also, as for any effective program available, you will need to apply the material and do some real WORK to gain the results you want. The reality is that some people will fail straight away because they simply won’t do what’s required.

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I personally have gotten a huge amount from the Sedona Method Program over the 6 years that I have utilized it, and I whole-heartedly endorse it. It is one of the most effective stress strategies around in my humble opinion. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose with the 180 day money-back guarantee that they offer, and everything to gain. Thanks for reading my Sedona Method Review. Take care.

Stress Relief Exercise To Give You Peace Of Mind

Sedona Method Course
Stress is something that is experienced by every person on this planet, but there is varying degrees that people will suffer from stress, ranging from very manageable to very extreme. For extreme cases, a simple stress relief exercise may be needed to help overcome the effects of stress.

Just consider that if you are having trouble coping with the stresses of life, it can have an adverse effect on your mental and physical health in the short term and long term. It’s something you have to put a stop to sooner rather than later.

The Sedona Method

The stress relief exercise that I will outline below is based on a technique that I learned a few years ago called the Sedona Method. The basis for this technique is “releasing” or letting go of certain thoughts, emotions or feelings that cause you stress or anxiety. Now the techniques used in the Sedona Method do seem very simplistic, but that is the beauty of this method and why it works so well. Don’t dismiss it because it seems too simple.

What Causes Your Stress?

The first step in the process is to set aside some quiet time each and every day to increase your awareness of what causes your stress, and then to implement a simple process of eliminating that stress. I would consider a reasonable time to be at least 15 to 20 minutes quiet time where there are no distractions whatsoever.

Sit back, close your eyes and really think about a time that often gets you feeling stressed out. Are you aware of what is getting you worked up? If so, let yourself sink into that feeling for a moment.

Letting Go

Next step is to let that feeling go. What you are going to do is to ask yourself three questions. These questions are…

“Could I let go of this feeling?”
“Would I let go of this feeling?”

With each of these questions you need to answer yourself with a yes or no answer (hopefully you will answer yes to each question). Try not to over-analyse the process above, even though it seems to be too easy. Just know that your mind is powerful, and when you DECIDE to let go of limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs, the results can be very quick.

Keep repeating the method above until you reach the desired outcome. Repetition is really the only way to get results in the short term and long term.

Another thing that often causes much stress in life is WANTING approval, WANTING control and WANTING security. If you can let go of wanting these things, a lot of stress will simply melt away. So again, sit quietly and think about a situation that results in you feeling stressed. Ask yourself the following questions…

“Could I let go of wanting approval?”
“Could I let go of wanting control?”
“Could I let go of wanting security?”

Again, you need to answer with a yes or no (obviously yes is what you are aiming for). If you keep practicing this, over time you will feel yourself feeling much lighter emotionally and have a lot less stress in your life.

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It’s very hard to lead a happy, successful and satisfying life if you are stressed out all the time. You have to find a stress relief exercise or other anxiety solutions that will turn your life around for the better. The Sedona Method is such a method that will give you fast and effective results.

Self Help Courses: Worth Your Time Or Not?

Sedona Method Course
Although no one can put a figure on it, it’s probably fair to say that a huge percentage of people around the world are unhappy with the way that their lives have gone. Many will do nothing about it and will continue being unhappy and unsuccessful to the day they die. Others will contemplate doing self help courses to improve the quality of their lives.

Now I must admit that I’m a bit of a soak when it comes to gaining knowledge on personal development. I’ve read many books over the years on the subject, and I will continue to read for the rest of my life. I’m sure that a lot of people are in the same boat when it comes to reading lots of the top self help books. But how many people actually implement all that knowledge and take action to make changes in their life. The only times that I have made progress in my life is when I’ve knuckled down and taken action.

The Results Are in the Doing

That is the value in doing some actual self help courses (either online courses or at a venue)… it’s only when we PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE that true changes can take place in your life. This is the advantage that courses will always have over books, in that you are more motivated to take action on what you learn. This is something that you will have to accept… the only way to have success in your life is to take action and implement what you learn. Knowledge is power, BUT only when that knowledge is applied.

Abubakar Jamil in his article, 4 Most Overlooked Reasons Why Self-Help Material Doesn’t Change Your Life talks about people that take on self help books and courses and then do nothing… and then blame the self help course for the lack of change. He says…

“They attended the seminars, read the books, listened to the audios, received the email courses in their inboxes, attended tele-classes—but that is all they did. And that is exactly why they failed at changing their lives for the better.” More reading at … 4 Most Overlooked Reasons Why Self-Help Material Doesn’t Change Your Life

What About Online Courses?

The beauty of doing online courses is that usually the lessons can be downloaded onto CDs, MP3s or an Ipod. You can then listen to these lessons over and over again while exercising, walking or driving to work in peak hour traffic. The key to success in personal development is… repetition, and lots of it. Listening over and over helps you absorb the material more readily and motivates you more to take action. You can’t effectively read a book while you are exercising, or driving to work, so the audios really come into their own in this situation.

Although meditation is my main weapon in personal development, one of the most effective self help courses that I have ever undertaken is The Sedona Method audio course. In this course, the Sedona method teaches you how to release your feelings of doubt, fear and anxiety in the short term and the long term. It also allows you to release things that are holding you back from having real abundance in your life. If you’d like to learn more, you can read my Sedona Method Review here.

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To me it seems like a no-brainer to complete good self help courses to further my success and well-being in life. My goal in life is to reach my highest human potential, and I find that courses help me achieve that much better than getting it from a book. For a small investment in time and money (which is usually paid back ten-fold in the long term) it’s definitely well worth the short term pain for the long term gain.