The Best Strategies for Dealing with Stress in the Workplace

There was a time when the average worker had only one career during their lifetime and it was not at all unusual for them to spend their entire career in one single workplace. To those of us who are a little more used to multi-tasking and trying to achieve more in a lifetime, the idea of one job and one career is astounding. Many of us have worked in jobs where we were completely miserable or worked with other employees who drove us crazy, so sticking with just one job just doesn’t make sense.

However, there will be times in your life when sticking with a job is something that you don’t really have a choice in, especially in these hard economic times. So, if you are unhappy in your job, having problems with co-workers, or you just are dealing with too much stress in the workplace, then here are a few strategies that may be able to help you start to feel a little better about what you do for a living.


It is important to remember that stress is relative and the stress you are feeling at work is probably considerably less than the stress a doctor might feel, a police officer might feel, or the President of the United States might feel. Knowing that there are many worse places you could be might give you a better view of what you are going through.

That being said, one way of dealing with the actual stress that you are feeling is to try visualizing your way out of it. Many people have a picture in their mind of their perfect place, whether it is lying on the beach in the Bahamas, or winning in a casino in Vegas. Whatever your “perfect picture” is, take just a minute out of your day at work and really visualize yourself in that place of happiness. Studies show that this type of visualization can reduce your blood pressure, increase your oxygen flow, and simply help you to feel better, if only for a short while – and that is often enough to help you deal with stress better.

Discuss Your Problems

Many times, the best possible way of dealing with stress is to talk about it. We all need to “vent” from time to time and if you can’t vent at work (which usually isn’t a good idea anyway), it is often very helpful to find a therapeutic setting in order to vent. A therapist can often tell you ways that will help you to deal with the stress better or point out behaviors in your own life that are making stress worse.

Otherwise, talk to a couple of close friends or your partner about the problems you may be experiencing at work… they don’t necessarily need to give you advice, just the fact that they are listening can be enough to lift some of the burden off your shoulders.

Create a Life Outside of Work

When your work becomes the center of your life, it is then that you will start to really experience bigger problems. Obviously, for some people their work is their life, but for most of us it is simply a way to make money so we can live our life. If you have a job that you are not particularly passionate about and it’s done only for financial reasons, then create a life for yourself outside of work.

That idea means different things to different people and it might mean that you take up a new sport, you start planning a vacation, or you start dating. Many people who are having trouble at work will join a therapy group, just to share their experiences. This kind of therapeutic setting also shows you that there are a lot of people out there that have it worse off than you!

Evaluate Your Health

When you are under stress, you often tend to let other things go and that might be your fitness or your nutrition and sleep.  There is no doubt that if you are lacking in sufficient nutrition, you are overweight, or you aren’t getting enough exercise, you will feel the effects of stress physically much more than you should. Also, when you are going without sleep, you will tend to be more sensitive to personal attacks at work, too much work to do, or the general stress that your job puts you under. So, taking the time to look at your health and make a plan for a positive lifestyle can help with stress at work, too.

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