How to Cure Excessive Facial Blushing

We have all blushed from time to time, but there are some people for whom it is a really big problem. If you tend to blush apparently for no reason, or your entire face, neck, and chest turn red at the slightest bit of attention from another person, then what you have is not a skin issue, but rather a psychological issue that can be dealt with.

What Is Blushing?

Blushing is simply the process of more blood coming to the skin beneath your face and it is somehow related to the “fight or flight” response that we all have. Our body is designed so that if it is under threat, even if it is only perceived threat, it will get ready to “fight” or take “flight”. This goes back to our evolution from animals and you will see the same kinds of reactions in your pet cat or dog.

However, blushing in a human is something that can be embarrassing because people tend to comment on it, which of course only makes it worse. Therefore, finding a cure or a way to deal with the underlying causes of the blushing is what is important.

“Wet blushing (flushing associated with increased perspiration) is thought to be caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system. This system helps to regulate glands and organs without our conscious effort, and controls the diameter of blood vessels to the face. In some people, these nerves are unusually sensitive to emotional stress.” More reading at … Blushing and flushing – Better Health Channel.

Why Do You Blush?

We each have our own reason for why we blush. Some people blush when they are sexually aroused or excited, while for others, it is when any kind of attention is put on them. For these people, simply being put under any kind of stress or talking to a stranger is enough to make them blush.

The reason for this is basically a lack of self-confidence. Blushing is something of a self-fulfilling issue, because as you become aware that people are looking at you, you will blush, and when you blush, you will feel less self-confident – which only leads to more blushing. The more you focus on it, the worse it gets.

What Can You Do?

The one interesting thing about blushing is that the people who have it see it as a problem, but other people might think that it is just “cute”. When you blush uncontrollably, there is nothing cute about it and it makes you feel as if you aren’t on an even playing field with everyone else. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to talk to someone else, preferably a psychological expert, about why you are blushing.

Many experts simply put blushing down to a low sense of self-worth. For example, if you think about it, people who are famous or enjoy finding themselves in positions of power do not blush. But, people who are shy, lacking in confidence, or feel as if they aren’t as worthy as other people will blush regularly. So, getting to the root of a confidence problem is usually the quickest and most effective way to deal with blushing.

How Can You Treat a Lack of Self-Confidence?

This is not the kind of problem that you would simply take a pill to treat. Although an anti-anxiety or anti-depression drug might help with some of the related issues you are having, self-confidence is something that takes time to treat. After all, it took you a long time to wear down your self-confidence, and so you should expect that it will take time to build it back up again.

One method of treating this kind of issue is through the use of talk therapy and hypnosis. Talk therapy is simply you and a skilled therapist, talking through your confidence issues and finding the root of why you feel you have less worth than others. Hypnosis can also help with some people, since it allows them to break free from their lack of self-confidence and learn how to face the world without feeling like everyone is watching them.

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Finally, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is another method that is gaining in popularity, and has been proven to help with all kinds of psychological issues, from minor to major, and is truly effective when it comes to training people how to live their lives in a more positive and thoughtful way. If you believe that your blushing is due to embarrassment, shyness, or lack of confidence, then this is a treatment that can really help you.

“Take control of your blushing reflexes with NLP, or neuro linguistic programming. Undergoing a number of treatment sessions is believed to help train your brain and your body to react differently to situations that normally trigger excessive and unwanted blushing.” Read more: How to Cure Facial Blushing.