How to Cure A Stuttering Problem

We have all known someone who stuttered at one time in our lives, and there are some famous people who have found themselves in the public eye in spite of their stuttering. But, when you are the one who stutters, it may seem like stuttering is a much bigger problem than it really is. So, if you are looking for ways on how to cure a stuttering problem, then here is some information that might help you. It is actually possible to overcome stuttering, no matter how long you have been doing it.

Why Do You Stutter?

You might be surprised to learn that there are many theories as to why people stutter, but there is no one factual reason. In fact, the reason why you stutter may be completely different than the reason why another person stutters. In general though, most people begin to stutter during their childhood and if they aren’t provided help during that time, they can often see their stuttering get worse as they get older.

The most common reason why people stutter is because at one time or another during their childhood, they had trouble finding words or they spoke so quickly that their brain couldn’t keep up. During this period of a child’s growth, if they are punished or criticized for their lack of fluent speaking, they can develop a very serious stuttering problem.

What Are the Results of Stuttering?

When you stutter all the time (which not all stutterers do), you may find that you stop talking to people unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. When you change the way in which you communicate with others, you might actually find that your stuttering gets worse. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who only stutters when in stressful situations, you may find yourself going out of your way to avoid those situations, and those can greatly affect you in terms of who you date, the number and type of friends that you have, and even the types of job opportunities that you are offered.

How Can You Cure Your Stuttering Problem

The first thing to keep in mind is that stuttering is not necessarily a mechanical dysfunction in your body and so it is something that can be changed in a number of different ways. Many people find that by surrounding themselves with other people who stutter, such as in a stuttering group, they develop the confidence they need to overcome the problem.

There are also ways that you can alter your speaking pattern so that you allow yourself time to think before you speak. This can be difficult to accomplish for some people, especially those who are surrounded by other people who speak fast on a regular basis.

Also, undertaking training in correct breathing techniques that allow you to project your voice properly and confidently, as well as produce a calming effect, can also have great benefits. And this breathing technique forms the basis for the McGuire program…

‘We deal with the psychology of stammering,’ he says. “It’s the fear of stammering that’s the problem, not the stammer itself. After years of negative responses from others about your way of speaking, your brain develops all sorts of compensatory tricks, such as switching words to avoid your “bad letters”. Read more … Remarkable cure could offer hope to thousands.

Why Should You Seek Help?

The reason you should seek help is not because of the way that other people see you, but rather because of how you feel about yourself. Many stutterers report that they are lacking in self-confidence, and that affects the way in which they live their life. When you are afraid to speak in front of people, even on a one to one basis, simply because of the way you stutter, then it is time to find help. The primary problem that people have is that anxiety makes their stuttering worse, and their stuttering creates more anxiety, which makes it harder to look for help.

When you speak to experts on stuttering, they will tell you that finding out how to cure your stuttering problem is a step that you will need to make if you want to lead a fulfilling life. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fulfilling life as a stutterer, but it does mean that you won’t feel as if you have done the best you could do if you didn’t at least attempt to get over this dysfunction.

I found another good article that contains 18 tips on helping a stuttering problem. Here’s one of the tips that I thought was quite original and something I believe would be effective…

“Read books. Your charisma skills will be improved. Just read out loud. It’s going to be hard at first, but it will teach you how to breathe (one big problem most stutters have is when to breathe while reading or talking) and to practice how to recover from stuttering.” More reading at … How to Stop Stuttering.

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The good news is that with the proper support and the right people to help you overcome your challenge, you should learn how to interact with others without stuttering. It might be something that takes you months or even years to do, but it is definitely worth doing and will be an enormous boost to your self-confidence.

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