What Are Some Easy Yoga Relaxation Exercises?

If you have never taken a yoga class, then you might be surprised at how much they vary. In fact, you will find that no two yoga classes are alike. Some of them are really more like physical fitness classes than anything else, while some instructors take the relaxation and mental aspects of yoga much more seriously. In some classes you will find easy yoga relaxation exercises that you can take home with you, while in others you may just leave with sore muscles.

What Can You Learn from Yoga?

The modern-day purpose of yoga, at least when it is taught in a fitness center or healthy club setting, is to improve your flexibility, your physical strength (especially in your core), and to improve your posture. While these are very desirable goals, not everyone is into yoga as a form of physical exercise. Many people feel that it is a holistic way of treating various ailments, stress, and can help to give you an overall sense of well-being.

Depending on the type of yoga class that you are taking and just what kind of instructor you have, you will usually find that your yoga class at least ends with easy yoga relaxation exercises that can be done outside of the gym, and you don’t even need a yoga mat. If you haven’t found a quality yoga instructor who stresses this part of yoga, then you should move on to another class or use online resources to help you.

What Relaxation Exercises Are Performed?

The goal of any relaxation technique is to provide both your body and your mind with the opportunity to unwind, which is something that most of us don’t get the opportunity to do very often. While you might not feel comfortable relaxing in a room full of sweaty people on mats, you can still take what you learn in a class and do it at home.

Learning to breathe in a particular way is an important part of yoga, primarily because it can help you to relax. Breathing isn’t something that most of us think much about, yet when you fully concentrate on your breathing, you can accomplish a lot. You can reduce your heart rate, your blood pressure, and even relieve the signs of stress in your body.

Some yoga instructors prefer to have their students sit in an upright position on the floor, with their legs crossed and their eyes closed. They then breathe in and out slowly and fully, and concentrate on nothing more than the feeling of their diaphragm, their lungs, and feeling their body rise and fall with each breath.

Here’s a great YouTube video that shows a very simple but effective yoga exercise…

Yoga Relaxation Exercises – Health & Fitness – ModernMom

What About Relaxing Your Body?

An alternative way of working on your breathing techniques is by laying on your back with your arms spread wide, your palms up, and your entire body relaxed. Once you are in the position with your eyes closed, and preferably in complete silence, you can start by tightening up your toes and then relaxing them. Slowly move to your ankles, tightening and then relaxing, and up your legs. When you have tightened and relaxed all of your body parts, going all the way up to your neck and jaw, you will notice that you are significantly more relaxed both physically and mentally than you were before and that you could probably fall asleep right there.

Not everyone is comfortable lying on their back, so you might want to put a small pillow beneath your head or under your knees so that you are comfortable and be sure to wear clothes that are loose fitting.

Krista Sheehan in her article, Simple Yoga Relaxation Exercises, has a few different yoga poses that you can try…

“And yet, with its simple poses and mind-body connection, yoga can also be an extremely effective relaxation exercise to calm the body. Simple yoga relaxation exercises can relieve stress, stretch the body, prepare for sleep or start your day.” Read more at … Simple Yoga Relaxation Exercises.

Tips for Using Easy Yoga Relaxation Exercises

The keys to relaxing are that you need to be free from distraction, but also that you will need to work at accomplishing a state of relaxation. Some people get very stressed out when they can’t stop their mind from spinning or when they realize that a part of their body won’t “relax”. The truth is that relaxation is an exercise and that means you will get better at it with practice. Whether you go to a yoga class or you simply do relaxation exercises in bed or on the floor of your home, you will notice that the more often you do them, the more relaxed you become.